Hell on Earth - Taking Back the Wasted West

Frightened Farmers

Marty’s Tale—May 5, 2093

After following the others to a city and making sure they are safe, I stopped to look around. I read the signs at the city to find out where I was and learned that the norms here aren’t hostile, or at least, no more hostile than usual. Learning this, I decided I wanted a hot meal, and entered the town looking for some work. Meanwhile, the child has been following me closely. He seems harmless enough. He is the only norm that doesn’t seem to recoil in horror at the sight of me. Although I’m not so sure he’s really a norm.

Looking for work went about as well as could be expected. At least I didn’t get chased out with pitchforks and torches this time. I spoke to the owner of the general store, and he said that he might have work for me in the morning. My business done, I headed back out of town to find a place to bed down for the night.

Just as I was getting settled, some of the norms from the cave found me. It seems the local farms have been losing cattle at night. Well, I guess I need to help then. One of the norms mentioned something about a reward too. Go figure. Somehow I doubt I was quite what they had in mind when they offered the job.

So, off we go to watch this farm. And lucky enough, I even got a hot meal. Man that felt good. I don’t even remember the last time I had cooked food. So there we stood, the four of us. the child, two strange norms, and myself. After the busy day we were all struggling to keep awake. Finally, some strange four legged beasts came. They seemed afraid of us, and when we gave chase, more of the sneaky critters came in behind us and tried to run off with one of the cows. They proved to be no match for us though. Even the kid killed two of them. He seems to be able to lift them in the air somehow. Useful trick.

Maybe these norms aren’t so bad after all.


Game Date: May 4-5 2093

Frightened Farmers

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