Martin "Marty" Heinrich

Marty is an enormous fat man with sickly green skin dressed in tattered rags covered in blue symbols.


A very large man with sickly green skin and an awful complexion. Marty’s frightful appearance often causes others to recoil in horror upon first meeting him. He wears tattered rags emblazoned with the symbols of his order drawn upon them in bright blue. He also carries a rusty crowbar which is similarly etched with symbols down the shaft which are similarly stained blue.


Martin was raised in Amarna learning little of the brutal realities of the wasteland until his first trip away to serve Atum by hunting monsters. Unfortunately, the monsters he encountered were of the all too familiar variety, norms. Martin’s Helot, a fiery young girl, died trying to defend Martin from a band of angry norms.

Since then, Martin has been wandering the wastes alone. He has nothing but the rags he wears that he has scavenged from other dead wastelanders. he carries only a rusty old crowbar. He shies away from any civilized areas and scavenges what he needs in the wilds, surviving mostly on whatever he can scrounge up, and his own ability to subsist on radiation.

What little Martin knows about the wasteland so far is that it is a cold unforgiving place, and that he is not welcome there.

Martin "Marty" Heinrich

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