Moses Aurelius

Wandering Tale Teller, Musician, and Mail Carrier


Moses Aurelius has as many backstories as he has ex-girlfriends and nobody knows if any of them are true or not. This innocuous wanderer goes from town to town spreading news, telling stories, singing for his supper and trying to bring a little light back into the darkened world. Occasionally he has been known to help the occasional band of would-be heroes try to make a name for themselves – and help keep them on the path of good if they start to stray.

As a general rule if humans are involved Moses would rather run than fight, in the hope that they might be of use in the fight against the Reckoners down the road, but if he decides to fight he can be a clever and implacable enemy.

Moses’ mail services are rudimentary. If he knows he is heading in a given direction he will carry the letter for a small fee relative to the size. If someone wants a special delivery out of his way there is a large up front cost to that person but subsequent letters are at the regular rate. He does not offer insurance or guarantee delivery.

Moses Aurelius

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