fame and infamy

Fame and Infamy

These are numbers that I will keep track of for each PC that will improve or reduce your reaction from certain NPCs depending on their own disposition. They will generally be higher in a region you have been operating in for a while but if either gets too high, adjacent towns or regions may get bonuses to their numbers (rumors of your greatness precede you). In general Fame is a positive trait and infamy is negative subtracting one from the other tells me how NPCs react to you (I may alter this mechanic depending on how it works out). Therefore, fame would get you more influence over a good NPC and infamy over a bad NPC.

Your fame plus your infamy is your notoriety and corresponds simply to how well known you are.

What is it good for on the player’s side? Fame or Infamy can get you information, missions, discounts, training, backup, access to factions and potentially access to specialized goods or weapons.

fame and infamy

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