Heroic Rewards Examples

Good: Saving timmy from the burning house while being chased by fire imps is pretty good. Fame in the region goes up by 1

Better: Saving timmy from the burning house while being chased by fire imps then going back in to save his dog Pepe and getting severe burns while doing it will get you a chip and your fame for the region increases by 1

Best: You save Timmy and Pepe from the burning house while someone else distracts the fire imps by leading them on a merry chase. Meanwhile, someone else has gone down to get the nearby colony of toxic sludge monstrosities to chase them. Somehow you get the two sets of horrors to kill each other. Probably worth two chips, 2 fame and +2 on the taletellin’ because it was so awesome.

Or from the other side:

Bad: You lock Timmy in with the fire imps. Noticing the annoying yipping dog you throw it in too. Infamy goes up by 1 if anyone sees you.

Worse: You lure the imps to town and they get in through an “overlooked” hole in the walls. The people rally and defeat them but only after much death and destruction. The mayor doesn’t want to pay the bounty promised, but he listens to reason once he’s looking down the barrel of your gun. One chip and your infamy in the region increases by 1

Worst: You defeat the imps, however both the town’s mayor and the law dog who showed up have tragic “accidents” but no one can prove anything because of all the fire. The power vacuum leaves room for Bill “Honest” O’brady to become the new mayor. He pays you the bounty. Later you collect another “bounty” from him, gain him as an uncommon contact and now have a permanent discount at his shop. Over the next few months anyone opposing O’brady’s policies has a tendency to disappear. Two chips, fame in the region increases by 1. There is a chance you are now actively being hunted by Templars.

Heroic Rewards Examples

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