Junkers or techno-shamans are scientists and inventors who build new machines out of scavenged parts and fill in the gaps with a special application of the Infernal Machine Hex. Unlike a Mad Scientist, Junkers don’t derive their powers from Manitous but instead suffuse their creations with a Tech Spirit from the Net, their home in the hunting grounds. These spirits hold the devices together, and in the case of certain powerful spirits imbue the devices with other powers as well.

Junker devices are susceptible to Drain if they are powered and must be recharged periodically. Additionally, due to the fact that Junker devices are built from scavenged parts they are subject to Instability which can have a variety of dire effects depending on the power of the tech spirit inside and the quality of the Junker’s initial construction.

Junkers who spend too long hanging out with gun spirits have a tendency to pick up the Taint and start to think that a big enough gun can solve all their problems. The path of the tainted is one way and at the end of it the Junker will find himself raving and alone in a cave somewhere building doomsday devices.

Junkers are the only class that can build and utilize a [[G-Ray Collector]] or build the other devices necessary to power their devices.

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