H1. Junkyard


In the late 1800s the Saints of Deseret made a deal with Darius Hellstromme to allow Ghost Rock mining and scientific research to go on at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains outside Salt Lake City. Mormons were forbidden from mining the stuff but gentiles were permitted and almost overnight the city known as Junkyard sprang up.

Pollution from the industrial city eventually became so bad that it was causing acid rain in nearby cities. To combat this a dome was built around the city with air filters to siphon off the noxious gases and an airstrip on top of it.

Fast forward a hundred and fifty years or so to the opening of The Tunnel to Faraway. Footage begins to come back and the Prophet of the Saints witnesses the killing of the indigenous population there by Hellstromme’s automatons and soldiers. Hellstromme is evicted and emigrates to Denver taking most of his funding and research staff with him.

As the city lost its relevance the population declined.

Then the bombs fell.

Junkyard and Salt Lake City were considered high value targets by a number of world powers and the region took no less than 6 direct strikes. Salt Lake was reduced to cinders. Junkyard’s dome, as it turned out was built to protect more than just the air. An energy shield, installed by Hellstromme and maintained by some of the HI crews still residing in the city absorbed every blast with almost no damage and no loss of life except due to falling debris.

H3. Junkyard Today

Junkyard is the last bastion of civilization in the Wasted West and the only thing standing in the way of the Combine in Denver. The city trades for food and junk for it’s junker technician. It’s major exports are ghost rock and spook juice on which most existing vehicles now exclusively run. The city is the center of trade in the west and a haven for wanderers of all types.


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