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Here’s the overview:

Since its a sandbox there is plenty of room to play in, however I am still doing the reading for the meta-narrative and working on figuring out how to work everyone in. While it would be nice to imagine that you will be carrying the torch of hope and civilization to every dark corner of the wastes, I have a feeling that it will turn out to be either a fire extinguisher or a stick of dynamite on closer inspection.

I can work with that. Either way that abomination you find is either going to get burned or eat you.

General rules to keep in mind while you are envisioning your characters:

1. Heroic or especially clever acts of good or evil will be rewarded.

In general I will work to make sure that the rewards are equitable so long as you finish the mission. Here are some examples.

2. Roleplaying will be rewarded.

It has to be, because we are not playing on easy-mode. Mutations hurt more than they help. And there are a lot of things out there that will irradiate you (permanent vigor/spirit die type reduction) rip off your arm (it will need to be replaced, temporary nimbleness reduction until you get used to it) and give you a healthy phobia of radioactive spider hamsters (who knows why they were crawling all over the cave, but you were finding them in your luggage for a week after you killed their mom).

Maybe you’ll want to buy off the bad stuff – not mutations though, those are for good – or maybe you want to use the chips to compensate for the loss. If after enough time people are doing really well, the stakes just might start going up.

In general, if you manage to talk your way out of a situation that otherwise would have gone to gunplay, there is probably at least one chip and some fame or infamy in it for whoever pulls it off. Similarly, I will be using the rule that if you win your bluff, overawe or ridicule with three or more raises that you not only get the beneficial effect but also a chip draw.

3. Entrepreneurs will be rewarded.

If you use skills and forethought to build a Business it will likely pay off, over time. Luck will play a factor, but less so the more you are involved. Just letting it run on a basic business plan will end up with a lot of d20s rolling around, a 5% return on investment, and a chance of an “internal management dispute.” On the other hand, if you go out and explain to the mutants exactly why they should go ambush someone else’s caravans, and then bring a bag of heads and limbs back to remind your manager exactly who is in charge, those numbers are likely to change in your favor. If you choose to pursue this tactic for a while I’ll set up a few milestones regarding newly available equipment, personnel and the like once you reach certain profit levels.

4. Tempus Fugit

Time Flies. The world is a sandbox, but the downside of that is that things will be happening whether or not the PCs are anywhere nearby. While you’re busy training with Master Lee or carting your special sauce covered buffalo rad-rat wings all over the wastes, there could be an abomination eradicating a nearby settlement pushing it over into a deadland, a new faction taking over a region, a tainted junker finding a critical piece for his doomsday device or old Stone catching a whiff of your trail. I’m trying to timeline out as many of the main quest hooks as I can so that you can pursue them or things on the side as you prefer.

5. Please give me suggestions.

If I forget to give you a draw when you think you should get one, or if you have an idea for how to improve something, let me know.

6. Some other concepts you will find it useful to know about

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