List of Mutations you have encountered:

Martin Heinrich:
  • Greenish Hue (cosmetic)
  • Repulsive digestive process (-2 on reactions)
  • Significant Regenerative Capacity
  • Low Viscosity Blood (also glows bright blue!) (double wind damage)

Obvious mutants will be looking at a -2 penalty to their fame and infamy and a +2 on their notoriety. People just don’t want to talk to you but they definitely know you’re there.

All kinds of things can get you mutated.

  • Standing too close to an irradiated area
  • Standing too close to irradiated ghost rock
  • Standing too close to an irradiated ghost rock reactor
  • Standing in the same room as a poorly made irradiated ghost rock reactor
  • Standing too close to a certain Doomsayers
  • Pissing off a Doomsayer
  • Doomsayers who go bust on a faith roll
  • Standing anywhere near a Rad Storm
  • Walking into a Ghost Storm
  • Drinking irradiated water
  • Eating irradiated food
  • Spending too much quality time covered in Radioactive Dust

How do you know when something is irradiated? You need either a friendly Doomsayer with the Geiger Vision power, a working Geiger Counter, or throw a handy low-vigor NPC into the line of fire and wait to see if they start growing some fun new tumors.

Generally your roll will be against Vigor, when ghost rock is involved it may be Spirit.


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