The Templars are Post Apocalyptic Knights dedicated to making sure not only that the human race survives but that it is better than it was before.

The templars are based out of Boise and travel the West in disguise not using their substantial powers to help anyone in need, but instead only helping those who have proven that they deserve to be helped.

Templars wield powerful hand to hand weapons (typically a sword) and may travel with a squire and a few Companions.

Templar powers are unique in that they tend to be “on” most of the time and provide passive bonuses to things like damage, disguise, speed, damage reduction and so on. Templars also have some limited healing abilities.

Templars and companions who have taken the appropriate oaths are able to get Blessings of the Martyrs which allow them to perform extra feats at the cost of chips.

Anti-Templars do exist, whose powers derive from the Reckoners and their numbers are growing.

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